Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Its a NEW Date

Imogene will have her MRI at 10 am on Friday, a whole month earlier than we'd thought. So happy that I asked to be on the cancellation list! It will be a relief to have that wait over with, and not go through the entire months of September and October waiting, worrying and wondering (I am a worrier, it's just my nature. Hard as I try, I cannot keep from worrying!) Now if we can get in with the neurologist once the report comes back, we could know the full diagnosis and prognosis before the end of the month. Of course we're leaving for the beach first thing Saturday morning, so it makes the week a little crazy, but so worth it.
Lily will be spending Friday with Erin Campbell (thank you dear friend!). While Lily's so excited about her big girl day with HER ;) friend, she was really sad about not going to "help Imogene" at her appointment. Not that we would even be able to explain to Lily what happens during an MRI, and not that we would have ever taken her with us to the MRI, even if siblings were not allowed! If you know Lily at all, you can imagine the one million questions she'd ask! I do hope she'll be able to go with me to PT one day so she can feel a part of Imogene's "exercises." The Sigler Family is sporting new "Life without Limits" bracelets, which support United Cerebral Palsy. Lily will tell you that she's wearing it because "it helps Imogene's right arm."

Happy (early) Birthday to my mom, also know as Naney/Nane. Her birthday is Wednesday and we're looking forward to a belated celebration for her and Uncle Ryan, whose birthday is Monday, this weekend at the beach! It's also Lily's 1/2 birthday on Wednesday! Lily and I have a date to make muffins in the morning while Bill takes Imogene to her 8 am physical therapy appointment.

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  1. Hey Lauren,
    Joy sent us your blog and Chuck and I wanted to tell you that we were thinking and praying for you all! So happy with you that the appointment came open! Hugs to all of you! Love,
    Kim and Chuck (Sanders)