Sunday, August 9, 2009


Some 'Lily-isms' from the last few months...

* We got a new car about 6 weeks ago. It's the same car, just a new model. Lily was pretty excited about it at first. But lately she's been a little sad about our old car, especially that someone else is driving it now. "Mom! I know what we can do. The fairy and I will do a magic spell and turn this car into our old car and make it green again!"

*She wanted to carry Imogene around the house the other day. I told her about how they both had to get bigger, and somehow I ended my answer with 'then you'll be in good shape.' Lily's response: "Yeah, because right now I'm really a rectangle. And Imogene is a circle."

*"I want Imogene to grow so she can be a big sister like me."

*"Will Imogene be my baby sister forever and ever? For my whole entire life?"

*First thing out of her mouth when she woke up one morning: "I have basketball camp today. You will need to take me there and then I'll eat my lunch and the bus will bring me home."

*Very into teeth falling out (our neighbor just lost his first tooth) "Oh gosh. I forgot to put my tooth back in. Here it is." "Oops, there's my loose tooth again." "Mom, how many tooths have I lost?"

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