Thursday, August 20, 2009

More than an Arm

We've been to the physical therapist with Imogene. Her name is Susan (so many Susans in our lives!) and she was wonderful. Her evaluation was very thorough and she was so good with Imogene. Imogene had the time of her life drooling and chewing on toys and looking at herself in the big mirror.
We had suspected it, but Susan confirmed that whatever is going on in her arm is also going on in her right leg. She also wondered if there was something in her trunk/torso, but couldn't be sure. Susan did say that she was glad we were going to see a neurologist, but no matter what we learn there, the therapy will be the same. So, for the foreseeable future we'll be going to the Children's Therapy Center in Springfield, Va once a week. Lily will go with me sometimes, and I think she'll enjoy being the great big sister that she is. Our next appointment is Thursday the 27th at 11.
Today we saw our wonderful pediatrician Dr. Baldrate for a consult on the eating and sleeping Imogene is not doing :)!! It was so nice to just talk to her and see what ideas she had. We're going to try to get Imogene to eat twice a day, whatever she'll eat. AND we're going to work on getting her to take a bottle or a sippy cup! Wouldn't mommy be so excited if that happened. I love that baby, but a night off from bedtime would be heavenly right now.
And now we wait. Tuesday at 11 am is our appointment with the pediatric neurologist, Dr. William McClintock with Children's Hospital. Waiting is just not fun.

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  1. sounds like, though nervewracking, atleast there might be some light at the tunnel. i know what you mean about a night off sometimes! thinking of you!