Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What I'm Not Going to Do...

I will not post about how Imogene won't let me leave the room without following me or screaming. Or about how she basically refuses to do anything but have me hold her or sit in my lap. Or about how she is still screaming like crazy when I leave her with dear, sweet babysitter Alice.
Instead, I will post that Imogene loves to sit and read books to herself. When I am helping Lily with her shower or getting Lily dressed or any other number of things Lily should do by herself but doesn't - I often find Imogene in her rocker or Lily's rocker just reading away. I will post that she is really starting to say a lot more. "Paahk mommy's cah" (we were going to the park. and she's obsessed with which car she will ride in.) She pointed to a gift bag and said "mommy hooopy buhday too uuu" I swear that is what she said. I am sure that she was actually singing it too. As Alice was saying today, she understands absolutely everything that is going on. Tonight she even help me set the table, and put everything at the right seat! After she spent the weekend a few weeks ago with Naney and Aunt Susan and saw Uncle Ryan, she considers them one group. She will say "nah-ney" and then "ry" and then "dudan" ... as if she is checking them off her list. When she likes something she is eating she has started saying "mmm" and giggling.

Somehow Lily and I got to talking about people's full names versus nicknames. She ended the conversation by stating that she would tell her kindergarten teachers that her name was Lillian. Apparently she meant it, because she told Miss Pam that she would be Lillian when she went to kindergarten.

Overheard on the playground, "Hi I'm Lily. I"m 4 1/2. No, wait, I'm 5."

She also told me while we were in NYC (in the bathroom at American Girl of all places) that I was a "nice mommy when that crazy Imogene isn't around." I think what she was trying to say is that I seem less harried, less hurried, less frantic and frenetic when it is just us. So that's my 'resolution' for this Lenten season (starts tomorrow - hooray Easter is only 41 days away!). I'm going to try giving up being harried, hurried, frantic and frenetic with my two children (With Life in General maybe!) Because I really don't want to get short with them and rush them through the day (although I swear Lily moves through molasses). I know that these are very precious times, and I should be proud of Imogene wanting to put her own coat on, and try and empathize with how frustrating it can be for Lily to try and do the same. I should try so much harder to live in the moment and take deeper breaths. So I am going to try and be a nicer mommy, even when that crazy Imogene is around.

Wish me luck.

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  1. if you figure that one out (how to be less harried), let me know your trick. :)