Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Finally Five

 She loved her new guitar. Who knew a kids guitar was so affordable? And it actually doesn't sound that bad! I swear!
The ladybug stuffed animal from Aunt Martha & Uncle David was a big hit.

Happy Girl in her Birthday Jammies.

Imogene got a notebook with Glee pictures on the cover. She just kept saying "gee" "mine" "gee."

Hello Kitty Boots from Aunt Susan. Another big hit.

Her school celebration. Of course there's Imogene, right with the big kids. Miss Pam & Miss Carey are so sweet to her, and made sure she was right there in the middle of everything. Imogene even calls Carey "Cay-key"

A very happy girl.

This is Henry. Henry absolutely adores Imogene.

It's also Book Week at WWP. Daddy obliged Lily, and read a book to the class. Apparently it's one of Miss Pam's best performances, so he was nervous! I would have been! He did a great job with the Penguin Finds a Hot Dog!

Yes, she did play her guitar during "Happy Birthday." 

I love that kid. She can drive me up the wall and all the way back down again. But I absolutely could not imagine any other Lily ... she is just too much! 

Our traditional family Birthday picture!

Lots of hugs with her best girls.

Maggie made Lily a picture calendar ... such a wonderful gift - such a wonderful young lady that Maggie C!

A perfect way to end the day.  A surprise call from Tennyson in Texas! Lily was so tickled!

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