Sunday, March 27, 2011

Model for A Night!

Last Thursday night I had the great fortune to model in the Junior Friends' of Alexandria's Toast to Fashion, which supports the Campagna Center. The center helps children in the area through literacy programs and other activities. It was SO FUN! These are just two of the outfits that I got to wear - I am hoping that I will have other pictures to share. It really was fun to be all glamorous for a night. And it was fun to spend the afternoon and evening with my friend and fellow Stella & Dotter, Molly. Friends Tracie and Christine also came out to support my modeling debut! What a fun night! 
Special thanks to Grunny and Charlie who came to help with the girls while I was gone Wednesday night and most of Thursday!

Lily and I went to her kindergarten open house on Friday. I cannot believe I typed that! She is BEYOND excited about kindergarten. We went into the school library for the open house, the kids were with teachers playing, and the parents were in another room for the informational portion of the day. Lily went right over to her buddy from school and didn't look back! Mommy, on the other hand, almost cried when I started imagining her gone from us all day, and eating lunch in a cafeteria!!! The only time she was at all fussy or sad was when it was time to leave! She starts Kindergarten camp on August 1. That lasts for two weeks and then school starts August 29. I love the idea of Kindergarten camp for all of us, but  boy does it make the summer seem short!

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