Monday, March 28, 2011

Five Years & Two Shots!

Lily had her five-year-old check-up today.  She did a great job, but was not happy AT ALL about the two shots she got, and then milked that for all it was worth for a while. We went to eat lunch afterwards, and she actually asked me to feed her because she couldn't move her arms. Oh the drama.
She did 'refer' for the hearing screening again - which is convenient, because she has an appointment with the ENT tomorrow morning!
Imogene had her weight checked, and has moved up to the 15%tile! That's great news. Dr. Baldrate still wants us to come back with her over the summer and have her re-checked. Especially because she's going on maternity leave in July with her third boy! Congrats to our favorite pediatrician!!!

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