Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lily White Shoes

The career has begun. Lily Sigler started soccer today. She told EVERYONE within earshot that today was her first day of soccer practice. I finally found her cleats, shorts and shinguards (also known as "protectors") - she was not a fan of the black cleats. So she picked the white ones with blue and pink on them. Just like her Daddy wore back in the late '70s / early '80s ... so now it's not Billy White Shoes, it's Lily White Shoes.  She was bursting to get there. What a big girl walking down to the park for practice carrying her ball and wearing her gear. How did she get so big so fast? She looked at me when we were getting her cleats on and said, "Mom, I'm so excited about this."
Tonight at dinner (and several other times after practice) she said, "Were you really impressed with how I practiced today?"  She stayed very focused the whole time - the only thing she didn't like was the dirt on her knees, but she didn't really fuss about it, just didn't occur to her to just keep playing. Came right over and asked to be cleaned off. Such a girl, such MY KID!
Those are two brave Dads right there. 
We practice at 4:30, or a certain Dad we all know and love would have been out there too! 

Off to play on the playground with Maggie.

Carrying the ball with your elbows. Not easy for Lily.

Ah, the water break.

Back at the action!

Waiting her turn.

She had a blast today. Makes her Daddy, and her Mommy too!, very happy!

Go Team! (They are supposed to think of ideas for the team name. She is very concerned about what she will come up with.) 

Yeah for Lily and Will! Finally big enough to be on the team and not watching Wade play anymore! I love Lily and Will together. They are so sweet to each other and really just like each other so much. Hopefully they always do. Somehow the other night we were discussing how sometimes boys don't like girls (it was from a "Lilly" book when a boy in her class thinks it's gross that the teacher is getting married I think.) Lily said, "Well not me and Will. We will always love each other. He's my bud forever and ever." 

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