Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Vosburghs Visit

We had a lovely visit with Nancy and Conner last week. Nancy was my roommate after college for two years, and is a dear person with a heart as big as can be. She really is such a true friend, and wouldn't you know it, her five year-old son, Conner, is just the same. Such a sweet kid he is. Thoughtful and sincere and so inquisitive. Boy did Lily absolutely FALL IN LOVE. She was nervous at first, but after 2 minutes together in the car they were thick as thieves. Her only complaints the whole time he was here  - that he was going to leave, and that she couldn't have a slumber party with him in the basement! 
They could not stop talking. All the way through the American History Museum. 

Playing out on the National Mall after our Museum visit. Such happy kids!

They had a blast running around and throwing pebbles in the puddles. Oh to be 5.

Would you look at her face? Is that love or what?

I am not sure they "got" what we were trying to get them to do!

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  1. We loved, loved, loved, our visit. Wish we could do it all the time. Thanks for the sweet things you said about me and Conner. I feel so lucky to have you as such a dear friend.

    Love you to pieces!