Monday, March 21, 2011

One on One Time for Everyone!

Lily and I had a great weekend in Raleigh. We stayed with my dear friend from VT, Lauren and her family Friday night, and then with Jenny, my dearest UR friend and her family Saturday night.
It was a short, slightly whirlwind trip, but it was really so great to see Lauren & Jenny.
We also got to spend the day with my old RNC friend, Anne on Sunday for her Stella & Dot show. 
The weekend reminded me how lucky I am to have had so many amazing opportunities to make so many amazing friends! 

Rachel and Lily watching Ellie's soccer game. 
(I did not take enough pictures at Lauren's house!)

We went to a nice playground/park with the boys and Jenny Sunday morning. It wasn't quite warm enough for our liking. We were looking for warmer weather. SO Ready for Spring we are!!!

Running to watch the train at the switch yard!

Waving to the train.

If only Imogene could have come with us (just for the picture). She and Daddy had a wonderful weekend together while Lily and I were away. They went to the zoo and played with lots of friends and went out to eat and really enjoyed their time just the two of them! 

Will and Jack really liked Lily! She had celebrity-status with those two! 

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