Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekend Update

Yesterday's big news from school was that MR. Weitekamp brought them their class pet (or pets, I'm still confused how many of them there are.) Hermit crabs - Lily was not super impressed, but very focused on what they will name them. There was some sort of obstacle course in PE.  We were able to play on the playground after school, finally. It's going to be tough with Imogene trying to play on the playground. There are two playgrounds, and unlucky for us, the one that is on the school side - right outside of the kindergarten wing - has a huge jungle gym. Imogene does pretty well on it when it is just a few kids, but when ALL the kids are out there, it's just not a safe situation. It's going to be a long fall.
Mrs. Weitekamp called tonight and told us that Lily is adjusting well to school and making friends. It was such a pleasant call and it made me feel really good about this year going forward. She said that she is fully aware of the fact that Lily is with her more than she is with us (Sniff, Sniff) and that means that she owes it to us to be very open and accessible about how she is doing. Love her!
We saw a little girl in Imogene's class at the church bbq tonight. When I reminded her that they would be in school together and could play together Imogene said, "yeah I so eggsighted." Oh I hope she feels that way on Thursday!

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