Thursday, September 8, 2011

This is Getting Crazy...

Our house is actually humid. It's been raining since Monday (rained a little bit Saturday and I think Sunday too.) I just found something that said we've gotten over 8 inches of rain since Monday afternoon. Parts of the major beltway around Washington are flooding, and there are tons of areas that have the roads blocked by water. This is insane.

Lily's report. Today was the day they went to the library. Her takeaways from this visit. You get to check out a book. You are allowed to keep it for JUST 7 days. You cannot eat while reading the book. Your hands should not be sticky while reading the book. That's pretty much word-for-word how she told me. She's attaching herself to a cute, outgoing, very social (sound familiar?) girl named Ellie in her class. There was talk of "best friend"... I'm happy that she is making friends so easily, but for some reason I really don't want her to get too attached to any one child just yet. I want her to be open to all kids and really, I don't want to imagine her ostracizing any sweet little girl her class! Another thing I'm just going to have to let go, and hope that sweet Lily will prevail!
According to Lily, it is not going to rain tomorrow, because her principal said something of that nature about the weather on the speaker this morning. She's been very captivated by the whole 'speaker' thing. Imagine that though - people just talking out of the ceiling every morning. Must be such a funny thing to experience for the first time! Oh, she drew something she "liked" and it was her playing in the puddles. I have not actually seen this in person, mind you.

Imogene had her open house at school today (and then got to be the only kid at the teacher/preschool board luncheon - she's lucky those WWP ladies love her so much.) She was very, very interested in the coat hooks, and her cubby, and a little pink playhouse they have in the room. She said hello to people and sort of to the kids, but she really did not want to interact with anyone. Of course she went across the room to see Pam when she came in, and then pretended at lunch like she didn't want to see her, and then sat in her lap and rubbed all over her face and played peekaboo with her shirt. That girl knows exactly what she is doing!!! She did say tonight that she is going to stay at school, and I'll come get her and she won't cry. Hmmm...we'll see about that.

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