Saturday, September 17, 2011

Imogene's First Day

Imogene is officially in preschool!
She has handled things pretty well so far. I was sure she would absolutely go nuts when I left her, but she hasn't - yet!! She seems to be really happy in the room, and has made a friend! When she went in on Friday, her friend said to Miss Susie, "Do you know who that is? That's Imogene." It is so sweet to see her making her own friends. She has really never had a chance to make friends that were her friends - of course she has a few buddies - But they are siblings of Lily's friends. These will be HER friends! We ran into one of the girls on Friday afternoon, and she asked "Is that her big sister?" Finally, someone will associate Lily with Imogene instead of the other way around!

Lily was in such a strange mood - maybe she was worried about Imogene, or she didn't like her getting the attention! She did tell me that morning that she hoped Imogene would be happy and not cry.

As we were headed into school she decided she was mad and grumpy.

and then she changed her mind. She loves having a backpack. The long-sleeves and the backpack has brought out the difference between her arms. She cannot keep the strap on the right side, and then Friday she wore a dress that I could not keep the right shoulder on her! That one was a size 2, and today she wore a dress that fit her perfectly - it was a size 12/18 months!!! Oh my little peanut.

Getting the routine down. 

Miss Susie took these for me. I was not about to go in there after she went in without crying! 

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