Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kindergarten is Here!

Well, we did it. And without any (major) tears from Mommy. Lily was anxious/nervous when we got there. She told me later today that she almost cried when she sat down but she kept it in. (I wonder SO much whether she is being dramatic or if that really happened!) She made us wait in the room until her friend Grace arrived, and then she let us go. We got lots of hugs ("I am going to miss you Mommy" got me with some well-hidden tears!) and then she was done. She ran out of the building and yelled "That was so fun" when we picked her up. She has repeatedly said that art was her favorite thing. She even drew a panda bear for us tonight. It really was a legitimate picture with the panda and grass and sky and a sun. I cannot tell you how long I've waited to see if she'd be at all interested in anything like that! And she is - which is fun to see. She was a complete mess this afternoon - absolutely SO tired. She did say later this evening that she was sorry that she got like that. We'll see if she remembers that tomorrow - although she has ballet right after school tomorrow, which I think is a good thing! She won't have time to sit and think about being tired which turns into grumpy, especially since I've said no to TV this week. I sorta regretted that this afternoon!! But she is ridiculously attached to watching TV, and I don't want her to just expect to come home and watch a bunch of TV right after school. We'll see how long I can stand it :)

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