Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 2

She bounded down the stairs and said, "I'm ready for another great day of kindergarten!"
Very worried that she has PE today, and this messes up her plan to wear dresses every day.
So the dress she has on is really too short now as a dress, so we put little shorts on underneath. Crisis averted! Hoping she will go with this plan for a while, and I can find some biker shorts for her to wear until she is in leggings or pants the rest of the year!
She really wanted to just walk with Bill, but Imogene absolutely panicked about not walking to school. Sobbing ... doesn't' help that half the neighborhood congregates outside our door to walk down together. So there she went in tow in her cute little raincoat holding her daddy's hand. Wish I'd gotten a picture.

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