Sunday, July 3, 2011

We're Still Here!

The girls and I spent a week in SC for Lily to attend Spring Valley cheer camp last week.
Sorry for the lack of posts! She had a great time again this year. Asked if she could grow up and be a cheerleader at Spring Valley. She also asked me "What do they call Spring Valley in the winter when it snows?" I will get a video of her 'show' on the last day up soon.

How cute is this picture our sweet sitter Megan took before she went to France?!?!


We finally made it to the pool this weekend. We've been twice already - it's only been open for a couple of weeks because of the fire. Lily should be a pretty decent swimmer by the end of the summer. Imogene wants to be a swimmer! She can't really hold herself up with water wings or an intertube, so I'll be looking for something that will hold her up and allow her to be without me holding on. She so wants to just go on her own!

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