Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Life In Pictures

Hi my blog family!
I'm just back from the most amazing week in San Francisco for Stella & Dot.
Best part of being back, I slept for 10 hours last night, and Imogene now says "I love you so much!"
I do have a lot of pictures of the girls from the last few weeks, so thought I would share!

Fun at therapy. They played with jewelry too in my honor :) 

This kid loves to play in a sprinkler.

 Lily and I got our haircut that day, and Imogene wanted in on the action. We didn't actually cut any hair, but she felt very big!
Family trip to the DCUnited Game.

Has to be one of the only times she has fallen asleep anywhere.

Visiting with Uncle Ryan while we were in SC

Very, very classy kids playing with water in Naney's backyard with no clothes on.

Post Cheer leading camp "Show"

We visited the butterfly exhibit at the Children's Museum in Columbia.

Both girls really loved it. 

Fourth of July parade in downtown Fairfax, VA

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