Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Almost Here...

Alexandria does a k-prep camp for kids going into kindergarten. it starts August 1.

August 1 is THIS MONDAY!!!!!!! Argh how in the world are we going to send our first born child off into ELEMENTARY SCHOOL? Granted, she'll only be there for 4 hours, but it's for two straight weeks, and then three weeks later we send her into that massive building full of BIG KIDS for almost 7 hours a day. My poor head and heart can hardly stand it. I mostly just worry that she's not independent enough to be without a parent (or her loving preschool teachers) for that long - especially at mealtimes. I know I'm going to be a basket-case next week. And I know my stress is coming out in the things I say to her. She just is so helpless sometimes. At her OT session this week they 'practiced' getting ready for school. We brought her clothes, her toothbrush, her backpack - everything she needed to get ready for the day. I think they even pretended to eat breakfast, and I know they practiced opening containers and Ziploc bags, which she had a hard time with. Amy said it's due to her decreased fine motor skills, and her belief that she cannot do anything on her own. DID WE CREATE THIS? I fear that we did. Amy reported that during the 'test-run' Lily needed prompting or prodding for every single step. We've got lots of work to do with this kid.
But she's sweet as can be when she wants to be, and despite the fact that she's ridiculously whiny lately, I think she's a little bit more than nervous/anxious/excited about being in K.
(notice I am not typing out the word anymore.)
She has been doing swim lessons this week (she writhed in pain all night Sunday night because her stomach hurt - all due to anxiety about the lessons.) and she even got the swim instructor to buy her distraction techniques.
"Lily, try putting your face in to get your feet off the ground."
"Watch me - I can hold my nose and go under water."
And wouldn't you know that 17 year-old just let her distract him. I'll be speaking to him about letting her run him around like that! (And maybe I'll listen to myself!)

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