Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

Probably the best part of today is when Larry the Cable Guy came on TV, and we said, "Lily, close your eyes and tell us who that is talking." "HEY THAT'S MATER!!"
We are so proud.

Although later when she got to stay up way too late and watch the fireworks on TV, she said, "Hey, this guy is on the first Cars soundtrack." It was James Taylor. And then she said, what is this song called, and we said, "The Star Spangled Banner." She responded, "It sounds just like the National Anthem."
Whew, we are redeemed :)

We took a trip to Fairfax for their parade, which was fun - although next year we will get there earlier and with chairs! The girls had to be held and our backs and necks were aching by an hour in! Imogene did not like the band at the beginning and wouldn't even open her eyes. "I go home. I go my house." And then she was okay and said "Hi Mama. I open eyes!!"

We went to a party this afternoon and Imogene had an ice cream cone and we put sprinkles on it "like Lily." She looked at me after she made Naney eat the sprinkles off and said, "I no like pinkles." Clearly she liked the rest of it!

Hope you had a wonderful Independence Day. It's yet another day where I just can't get over how lucky I am to be this mom, this wife, this daughter, this sister, this friend, this business-owner!!, this lady living this life!!!

And CONGRATULATIONS to my amazing husband for a huge win at work last week. It was a really big deal for him and the team he works with, and an even bigger deal for our family because it looks like he won't have to go to trial at the end of the month!!!!

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