Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

What a nice day! We went to brunch this morning, and then did some fun stuff around the house like clean out the cars. Lucky Bill! And then Bill took Lily to see the US soccer game, and Imogene and I played a game and then planted flowers in our front porch pots! It was really a very nice day ... we had a late dinner - which probably wasn't the best idea since Imogene has stopped taking naps. It's too much to even talk about, but we're surviving. Better than we were when I was spending the entire afternoon trying to get her to nap! But if you let the night go on too long, she turns into a lunatic. So tonight we let it go on a little too long. But Lily had fun presenting Daddy with his father's day ice cream cake, so it was worth stretching it out. And it was worth it when Imogene said "I hav my dert" (dessert) AFTER she ate some ice cream cake and a little bit of a Popsicle!!
I hope Bill enjoyed his day as much as we enjoyed a day where we get to spoil him. He's been working a lot -and will be doing so for the entire summer into the fall  :( - and we miss him. It's not the same in the mornings and evenings without him. So it was a great day to just do whatever Bill wanted!!! I know people say this all the time, but I could never have imagined (and never really thought about it!) how wonderful and dedicated Bill would be to our kids. He really is the best father and husband I could ever ask for. LUCKY LUCKY ME!!!
Imogene is really talking a lot, even though there is still a good bit that is unintelligible. She is saying "I luh you" and "I mihs you" ... she is doing a ton of imitating which is great. That was one of the first things that worried me over a year ago about her speech. She never repeated anything we said. Now she always says back the last word. She's really such a fun, happy girl.
We were sweeping off the front porch after we did the pots and she said "ceening?" Yes, Imogene we are cleaning up. "Ceening houf? Daddy Lily happy come home?"  For some reason that really tickled me!  She loves it when you clap for her. She is starting to understand emotions a lot more and if you pretend to cry she'll rub your face and say "no cy, no cy baby. it's o-k." If someone has a frown in a book she'll say, "He no happy." "She's happy, he no happy."
And she LOVES elephants. If only we could get her to say "elephant" and not just "ella!!"

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