Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

This is a really good representation of what a nice weekend we are having. Bill had to be in Chicago yesterday, but the girls and I had a nice dinner out followed by ice cream at our beloved Dairy Godmother. Imogene absolutely loves all things chocolate. This is how much - she literally drinks the 'soup' leftover at the end. 
Bill had a very unenjoyable night at the O'Hare airport, but got home around 1030 pm. 
We took the girls to see Winnie the Pooh this morning, which they both really liked. Mommy & Daddy liked it too. A lot of the humor really isn't on kids' levels anyway! 
It was packed - there isn't much else to do when the heat index is over 110 degrees.
And my day was made complete when we had lunch at Chick-Fil-A.

We have been putting off cleaning up an absolute disaster area in the basement where my "office" used to be. Leave it to that 110 degree heat index to get us motivated. It's finally cleaned up and we both feel so much better about it. The girls (with the help of a little Backyardigans and Dino-Dan) even let us work and didn't try and play with everything we were cleaning up - for the most part! 
We even had the chance to make a nice meal together, thanks to Lily talking to naney on the phone and Imogene running around playing in her diaper with her pull-toy doggies. (She had an incident with some chocolate milk, and I never put clothes on her again! Yes, very classy I know.)
We had an absolutely wonderful meal (thank you Real Simple) and a fun conversation with Lily at dinner. She told us the longest story that combined just about everything she has come across in the last week. It was pretty funny and clever, and then again made no sense at all. Meanwhile, Imogene was making a complete disaster of herself eating, what else besides chocolate. She spilled some on her belly and was trying to lick it off. Hysterical. And so typical of her eating habits! 
It was a completely great day and we really feel lucky tonight to be where we are.
(and I am only partly thinking of being in air conditioning :) and partly about being mom and dad to these precious children!)

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