Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chatter Box

So not much of it makes sense, but Imogene is talking up a storm these days. Here are the words she says, or at least says a 'sound' for (and I am partly doing this for my own records, especially since i kept a list like this for Lily)- mommy, daddy, lily (diddy), lola (her best, clearest word), juice (shoosh), kaka (cracker), dodo, lemonade (the best! lemomomomade), ahhdun (alldone), Hado (hot dog), Gee, nighnigh, elmo, abby, kikky, hat, coat, school (skoo), bah (ball),  Ahmay (Amy, her OT), She is trying to say a lot more, and will repeat a sound similar to what you say - she says "help" and "peese" ... really trying to say more names.
I just asked Bill to help me with the list and he said "mommydobed" ... which is what imogene says at bedtime. she also says "ba" for bath ... and just recently has created a sound for potty. She is very interested in the potty and has gotten the child seat out of the cabinet a few times, and will sit up there, and then try and flush the toilet and wash her hands. Tonight she even went to the bathroom! (Sorry Imogene when you read this in 10 years.) The only way I got this to happen was that I know her - and she likes to go the minute you take her diaper off to get in the bath!
She was slightly impressed with herself, and raised her hands above her head. She absolutely loves to sing and sing and sing. Loudly, with this little hitch-step dance move.

We did an evaluation for OT today. She is so proficient with that left hand that we had to use a test that would take into account things that require 2 hands!

And, my biggest treat of the week - and yes, it's vain - we found some new shoes. No more white chunky lace-ups.   A cute little pink t-strap. This time the nice lady at the different Stride Rite sold me two pairs, but gave me 25%-off. The brace is just so wide in the back. We go see Dr. Morozova in 2 weeks and I definitely want to know if we are always going to be in something that makes shoes so hard. 

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