Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Good Tired

We are exhausted - but for good reason! Bill and I spent the weekend in Charleston with my oldest and dearest friends from high school. It was so much fun, but we stayed up WAY too late both nights hanging out and catching up. One of the best parts - my friend Libby made a mix on her iPod of all the songs we loved in high school. Brought back so many memories and was so fun. All the songs had to have a release date of August 1994 or earlier. I was shocked that some of the songs that in my head were just on the radio are over 20 years old!

Meanwhile, the girls were having the best weekend too! Naney and Susan took wonderful care of them in Columbia. They went to the zoo and the Children's museum in ONE day! They also took a trip to Wingate to see Uncle Ryan at a basketball game. They were both so happy to see us when we got back, but I can tell from all that Lily told us that they LOVED being spoiled with so much fun and love. Thank you so much Aunt Susan and Naney!!!

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