Sunday, February 27, 2011

February Fun

Lily went to a precious birthday party yesterday - the theme was Ladybugs. They had beer and wine in a tub labeled "adult nectar." 

She is really into playing her toy violin as a guitar these days. She has always been into music ... she and Imogene could sing and dance all day. We had a little "Taylor Swift dance party" Friday while I was putting the laundry away (please try and not be jealous) and she said "watch how I play it like this mom!"
Fun to find them playing together!
Imogene had a birthday party this month that was just little girls. One of the activities was decorating a cupcake, and then they got a cute chinese take-out box to bring it home in. Driving home I realize that she had reached the box and taken the cupcake out and was eating it! In Bill's NEW car! Very, very proud of herself.

And finally, my attempt at getting a picture of my three loves on Valentine's Day.

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