Monday, January 31, 2011

This is Lily in her starsuit at therapy. It's very stretchy, so it requires her to work her arms and legs to keep it open. Apparently a lot of Lily's issues deal with her spatial and body awareness - and this gets her to seek a lot of input from her legs and arms. I'm still getting my head around the science of a visual motor delay.  

Imogene loves to sit in a baby doll stroller! 
And had to share (I hope I haven't already) this is me and the gorgeous, brilliant, fun Jessica Herrin - the founder of Stella & Dot. Had to give her a little shout-out, considering what a gift I feel like her company has been in my life.
And while I am shouting-out, let me again say thank you to Bill who has absolutely been the absolutely best husband/best friend/teammate in the world. It has been an insane month for me - 6 shows, 5 new people on my team - and he has kept all the trains running, and cooked some very delicious meals in the process. I know how lucky I am that he supports me 100%, and that he actually misses me when I'm away working!!!

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