Saturday, February 12, 2011

Congratulations to the Moss Family! They welcomed baby Hunter to their family yesterday in Atlanta. He is doing great, and mom is recovering slowly, but well. XOXO to you Friends!

How does it go that I sit down to post on the blog and realize that it's been a week since my last post? Things have been crazy here, but I swear every week I think they are going to be less crazy. We spent last Sunday working to get our new office set up in the house.
Let me back up. We've realized lately that this place is just one giant mess. My Stella & Dot business was all over the house. And let me tell you that's no way to run a house or a business. So my sweet, wonderful husband came up with a way to turn our TV room into 1/2 tv room and 1/2 office. We've spent the last week and a half ordering furniture and picking it up and cleaning ... we are A LONG way from finished, but it appears that we will actually have all things 'business' - family papers and the like, plus my work stuff, all in our office in our TV room, with the arrival of a new couch for the TV room in April to look forward to.  Our plan is to have that project done this month, so that next month we can move on to our next project - the basement and the 1,000,000 toys that our children never play with, because well, they have 1,000,000 toys all over the place. That's the project for March - all toys gone through and organized or donated to someone who actually needs them, and all closets in the basement cleaned up, and the bathroom too. (I am partly writing this to hold myself accountable.) And then April I am attacking our kitchen. The cabinets are always out of whack, the pantry (that's my fancy word for the cabinet that houses our dry food) is always overflowing, the fridge is always a mess, and well frankly, it could just work better. And then May I'm attacking the attic and our storage shed (okay I'm going to have Bill do the shed - I just don't like that thing for some reason) and we'll both have to do the attic. My goal is to have our entire house organized and the way we'd actually like to live by the time Lily is out of school in June. Lord only knows if we can get it all done, and we can actually stick to it, but I really, really want to be a more organized mother, and business woman! I believe in my heart that if my life were organized, my brain would stay in one place. And by that I mean that if it didn't take me 15 minutes to do something it should take me 5, then maybe I'd be more of a mom when I should be mom, and more business when I should be business. I am just such a mess right now. And I hate it. So I'm working on it. And may I, for the 1,000 time, thank my sweet husband for helping me get things in a better place. I had no idea you'd be such an amazing husband and father and just all around teammate ... I mean I must have had some idea - but my wildest dreams really did come true :) (and really, who would have known to dream to have a husband who helped you get your entire house back in order 12 years after you met him? ;)) ... but I digress.

We had two birthday parties today for Imogene. This morning was just 6 little girls, and then this afternoon was mostly boys and their parents ... it struck me this morning how delayed Imogene seemed, especially in speech, but also motor skills. Then this afternoon she definitely seemed behind in motor, but not so much in speech. Perhaps that is just the way boys and girls develop! She's such a little thing!

Lily remains quite a challenge, but I'm hoping with Miss Pam and Miss Carey, and Amy's help, and Dr. Baldrate too, we can get her in a good place by the time school starts in September (really August, since she has two weeks of "kindergarten camp" then).) Yes, we're thinking about school already. The open house for kindergarten is March 25!!!

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