Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So if I were on Twitter (which I am, but I don't 'tweet') here are some of the things you might have heard from me.

Lily to me: "mom, are you happy with your two kids?"
Me: "Yes of course Lily - do I not seem happy?"
Lily: "I was just thinking you might be happy with three kids, because I really want a baby brother."

One day I hope to go to the bathroom and have no one follow me into the room.

I do not feel at all badly that two people sent my children McDonald's gift cards for Valentine's. I take that as a very nice gesture that Grunny & Aunt Jill know the girls love happy meals, and that mommy loves not having to make, serve or clean-up after lunch. Or Daddy after dinner, as it so happened last week - when they had McD's for both meals. (Did I share that story already?)

It also does not make me feel at all guilty that Imogene saw the Chick Fil A logo and said "lemmomomade" and can say "Lay" when we arrive at CFA. I am very proud of her brand-recognition at such an early age.

What was I thinking teaching Imogene "No" and "Mine."

What in the world is this "Bubble Guppies" show supposed to teach?

Will I ever get to watch TV ever again?

When Imogene can really carry on a conversation, I do so hope she will explain what she has against sleeping.

That's all that I would have this week I think if I were a tweeter.

Whenever we pull up to therapy Imogene starts saying "Ahmay" or "Dudan" ... if it's Monday, she says "diddyahmay" or if it's Wednesday she says "my ahmay" ... today we were getting out of the car and she said ahmay, and i said, yes we are going to play with Amy. She said "ca" ... and them "ahm" and I said, "yes, Imogene we are going to wear your cast on your arm." Her immediate response: "poppop" - her favorite thing about therapy now - the lollipop at the end!

We started with a new babysitter, a lovely woman named Alice, who wants both girls to like her very much. Neither of them are being very nice to Alice. Especially not Imogene, who cries hysterically with her, unless they are outside. Not exactly what I had in mind when I hired her so I could get work done in my new office while they played in the basement. Lily is just being Lily to her, and won't let her do anything that she would rather I did for her. You know, things only a mom can do, like ZIPPING HER COAT. I mean for real.

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