Sunday, February 27, 2011


It's been almost pleasant outside here this weekend. We took advantage and played in the back yesterday and today, and got the new trees we had planted some needed water! For those of you that may remember, a large tree fell back in May and took out the "fence" of bushes we had between us and the building next door. We are  so happy with our new side yard. It has completely changed the face of our house!
I also finally got some pictures taken of the girls (well mostly Imogene) outside today. It gave me a chance to try out two new lenses I got for Christmas.

Look at her go! Wish this had come out clearer!

I know I'm biased, but gosh she's cute.

Lily and will decided to practice for soccer. 

The new trees (this is to the left of our house for those of you that have been here!)

My roses that were in the front have been moved to line the driveway. I cannot wait to see them with color, especially when the crepe myrtle blooms!

The trees and the liriope (it was there already, they just split it up) line a nice little path! One day we'll make it stone so it won't be mud :)

She was so tickled by Bill throwing the ball up in the air. 

Look at all that hair!

Laughing at Rusty.

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