Monday, September 27, 2010

Land that I Love

The last few nights I've been trying to get Lily to say prayers before she goes to sleep (I figure we got her to sleep on her own, we'll keep adding 'grown-up' steps!). Tonight I started with "God Bless our family and friends..." And she interrupted, "Wait Mom, I'll start. God Bless America." CLASSIC Lily!

I think it was last night, Imogene was pitching a fit after she ate and Bill and I were still sitting at the table. Lily was out of her seat too, and when we couldn't make Imogene happy, Lily said, "Imogene, why don't you come have a little chat with me?"

Another mealtime fun-time with Imogene, she was screaming "Moh-Moh" to have more of Bill's food and Bill said "How do you ask nicely?" - expecting her to sign please. She tilts her head to the side and says all sweetly, and quietly, "Moh-Moh?"

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