Monday, September 27, 2010

Washington & Lee

We drove down to Lexington on Saturday for the day. Our friend Karin Treese Bauer (bill's friend from High School and W&L) was inducted into the W&L Athletic Hall of Fame. Congratulations Karin!
First stop, the women's soccer game. It was hot! 

Karin as she is honored at halftime of the soccer game. 
She did this again at halftime of the football game!

Not sure Bill ever thought he'd be pushing a stroller around campus! You could see the students looking at us like "Gosh those people are old!" What I wanted to say to them - "We're not as old as you might think - and before you even have a chance to breathe, you'll be just like us!"

Hot and Tired :) Imogene never napped all day. Even though we were in the car for several hours in the afternoon on the way home! 

Karin & Bill

What a sweet face! look at those wings in her hair! She may have some hair before she turns 2!

Lily is very proud of her new hat.

Maybe one day we'll take this picture on their first day of school here!

Imogene and Lee Chapel.

She is so proud of herself!

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