Thursday, September 23, 2010

Therapy Times Three

Imogene had a good week of speech, occupational and physical therapy. She added a new "word" this week. She signs "baby" and says bebe likes she's french - other times it is baba. She learned it from her current obsession, "Baby Signing Time," which is a baby sign language video that she watches over and over and over again in the car. In OT she did some activities that got her to open her right hand a little bit. And today in PT we worked on some skills to assist Susan in her re-evaluation. We've been there over a year!! So it's time again! Today when Susan told her she could get dressed (we still do therapy in her diaper so they can see how her body is growing. for instance her hips seem to be slightly uneven, and her back is curving a little bit). So anyway, we tell her it's time to go, and she immediately starts making her sound for cookie, which is what she gets at the end of therapy as a treat. Such a smartie.
Imogene is so in love with Lily (most of the time). She says her name (DaeDae) over and over when we drop her off from school, and is so tickled when we pick her up. She's even giving out hugs to the teachers!
I would tell you how she's doing when it is dark outside, and you do that thing you do when you close your eyes for hours on end, but I don't want to jeinx it.

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