Friday, September 17, 2010

Lucy & Lola's Birthday

We celebrated with Lucy and Lola for their birthdays (2 days apart) last weekend. Both girls loved the musician and the bounce house. Both parents loved how long Imogene let Maggie hold her in her lap. And how long she stayed in the bounce house! 

Yes, that is Imogene upside down. As best we can figure, because she does it all the time, she's trying to copy Lily, who is always trying to do a somersault. My money might be on the younger one.

With her buddy Kathryn, who is a month to the day younger than her. You'd never know it by the hair!

She could not have been happier in the bounce house- even with the big kids in there too! 

But this was her favorite thing to do. She'd press her face up against the wall of the bounce house and just laugh and laugh at us on the other side. 

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