Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Fun

Naney was here Saturday through Tuesday. She was of course a big help as we got back into the swing of things after our trip to Maine. 

Playing silly on the parachute in the yard. 

Silly Sigler girls.

Look at that sweet face!

Lily wanted everyone to lay down and look at the trees. Which is kind of sad, because our yard is so dry, that they don't look very good. I'm pretty sure it hasn't rained in over a week! 

 On Sunday afternoon, Lily, Naney and I went with Tracie and Lucy to see the Sound of Music at Wolf Trap Music Center. Here she is, on her way. 

She was so tickled by the entire thing. She didn't get up once - just sat and watched so happily. At intermission she almost didn't get up because she was so worried she'd miss something. She asked me about 1,000 times during intermission to make sure to tell her when it was starting again.

She would get so tickled when they started singing a song - "I didn't notice they were going to sing that!" 

The sun was very strong, so we made them hats :)

Monday night - Virginia Tech v. Boise State at Redskins Stadium. With Erin and Katie ... let's just say the tailgate was a lot more fun than most of the game. Especially the end.

Bill has become a very good, dedicated Hokies fan. Thanks Bill! 

One of the fun parts. If I remember correctly when I took this picture,
 it got really no-fun a few minutes later.

Today was our first day of Ballet at a new ballet school. Lily looked so beautiful in her pink. The new studio is amazing and we were both really pleased with our choice!

Lily and Lucy before class.

With their other friend, Ellie. 


  1. ok so much to comment on i don't know where to start. first, the pic of imogene on the parachute is PRECIOUS. could be one of the cutest i've seen. she's so happy! and i love that lily was so tickled with the sound of music - i can just see her now, so excited. and of course, loved the ballet pics. i'm thinking of putting hadley in next spring after she's 2...

  2. Saw Miss Pam today and she is so excited about having Lily in her class. Great seeing you at the store and catching up . . . and finally, glad to have this link!