Sunday, January 3, 2010

Watching Paint Dry

Borrowing a great idea from a friend, I painted the top of a door in the kitchen and a square of a door in the playroom/basement with chalkboard paint. Laying on the floor watching me, Lily says "Why is this so bored? Why am I so boring?" At one point she actually sat in a chair, turned on the timer to her play kitchen and watched the paint dry. She is going crazy to use chalk on them - but boy has she figured out how boring it is to watch paint dry!

At church today she told Maggie that she missed her during the holidays. So dear. I missed Maggie too! Can't wait until Thursday!

It's one of those slightly depressing Sundays here. Bill has been home for the greater portion of the last two weeks and it has been heavenly for all of us. Time goes so quickly when you are busy with the mess that is life with two small children - cleaning, playing, eating, cleaning some more, playing some more, eating again, cleaning again :0)! Imogene will be ONE in thirteen days! Slow down Father Time, slow down!

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