Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lights, Camera, Skype!

For Christmas we got a webcam. If you're also on Skype, give us a call! We're thesiglerfamily.

Poor Imogene has been a mess this past week. She has a runny nose and a terrible cough, and has had some rough nights of sleep. And by rough, I mean she was up Friday night from 1030 pm until around 230 am, and then got up again at 5, and 645. She saw one of the pediatricians in our practice on Friday (Dr. Baldrate is out on Fridays). They tested for any bacteria with a nasal swab test (IBS loved that! HA!). The doctor said she probably just caught something new and different from what she had right after Christmas. Oh joy. Her appetite has been down and she's wanted to do nothing with Mommy but nurse. When she doesn't want something to eat she shakes her head and her left arm and will not take it. It's sort of funny. What's not funny is when she picks the food she doesn't want off her tray and drops it on the floor. We need to put a "splat-mat" under her high chair, but the dining room just isn't big enough - it becomes a major tripping hazard for the rest of us! She does the shaking her head 'no' bit when you pick a book she doesn't want to read. Quite opinionated she is!

Lily said today while in the bathroom, "Can I say a bathroom word since I'm in the bathroom?" And then said "poopy-booty." And giggled. Not sure if she picked that up at school, or where, but it was funny - the first time. The next 10 times will not be as funny.
More Silly Lily
Mommy: "Let's go set up the computer for the new camera."
Lily: "Did the computer fall down?"

"Can you get the next Mary Poppins movie for me? I want to see the children at the house she went to next after Jane & Michael."
"I wish I was magic so I could go inside and see Mary Poppins in the movie."

Instead of "I didn't know that" it's "I didn't notice that."


  1. You need to start this immediately -- THE FIRST RULE OF COMEDY -- IT'S ONLY FUNNY THREE TIMES!!!!!

  2. oh, we'd LOVE to skype...i'll look you up. love your new background btw!

    hope IBS feels better soon!