Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Day, Another Doctor, Again

Yesterday we had OT. It went okay, considering Imogene hardly napped in the morning and was perilously close to her afternoon naptime. Her best 'move' was that when Amy held her left arm to keep her from using it, she used the right arm to try and get the left free. Amy said that shows that the right is trying - some kids would have just pulled and tugged with the left and not tried to use the right to help the left. We're going to be doing more and more of this type of 'constraint' therapy, where we keep the left from being able to do anything to force her to use the right. She's going to hate it, but it's for her own good!

Today Imogene, Mommy and Daddy all went to see Dr. Morozova, the physiatrist. She is just a lovely woman, and Imogene took to her very well. Dr. Morozova (what is it with us and the M doctors, Madigan, McClintock & Morozova!?!) was so thorough and took a lot of time to explain everything to us. She even gave us a thoughtful explanation of cerebral palsy. She didn't tell us too much we didn't already know, but did tell us that in her opinion Imogene is going to walk. Didn't say when, and she did say it might require some sort of brace, but she said she'll walk. This is the first person that has said that out loud. A huge deal for Mommy & Daddy to hear someone say that to us. We believe she can do it, but it's nice to have some medical opinion on our side! She did explain that the muscles in her leg and arm will get tighter as she gets older (think about how much less flexible you are today, than when you were a baby and could eat your own foot!) and so part of her role is to watch the tightness and prescribe medicines or orthotics to help her with that when needed. She also will watch the growth of her leg and arm on the right in comparison to the left. Bones grow in response to the muscles, and when muscles get tight, bones don't have as much room to grow. Like I said, she was really very helpful in her explanations. We really fell in love. We'll go back in 3 months (another sign that Imogene is doing pretty well!)

The pediatrician's office called and said that if Imogene wasn't doing a good bit better by now with her cough and runny nose - which she's not - that she needed some medical assistance, so we'll start an antibiotic in the morning. Oh Imogene.

Today Lily told Imogene very nicely "Imogene, I do not like it when you play with my baby dolls' shoes. Please find something else to do." This is very Becky Bailey-esque (see the posting about Mommy going to school from last week). She's learning so much at school.
She later told Mommy, "You are a bad guy. I'm going to push you." Pushes Mommy. Mommy then says, "I don't like it when you push. We do not push." Lily returns with "Yes we do push. In this village people push. And throw things." This is NOT Becky Bailey-esque. And don't ask me where she got 'village' from - I think it's in Angelina Ballerina books.

This is Just Ducky week at our house. Mommy is an Area Consultant for the Just Ducky Originals Home Clothing line. We now have about 60 items of clothing hanging around our house for the rest of the week. This is a huge outlet for me - I love the clothes, I love the company, and I love having friends and neighbors and new friends over to spend time with them and help them design their children's custom wardrobe. So, the blog might be a little quiet for a little while - or maybe work will let up for Daddy and he can finally get a chance to blog too!
We're excited to see Grunny & Charlie (coming to help this week - thank you!) and hope Nane is feeling better so she can come for the weekend too!

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