Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cold, Cold and More Cold

We are dealing with some cold days here. Lily said today, "hurry and get me in the car mom, I'm freezing and I'm getting freezing-er."
The new basement/playroom is working out really well. The toys are still all over the place, but at least they aren't all over the main floor. The one problem is that with all the cold weather we're having, it's colder than usual in the basement. So off the girls and I went to Home Depot today for a space heater. We used the self-checkout, and as I am about to leave Lily says "wait, wait Mom. She hasn't said it." "Hasn't said what, Lily?" "Thank you for shopping at Home Depot!" Two seconds later, the machine says it, and I'm allowed to leave. There is nothing that gets past this kid!

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