Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Imogene!

Yesterday was a great day - we had wonderful family and lovely friends over to the house yesterday afternoon to help celebrate Imogene's first birthday. She seemed to have a great time too! However, she was not a fan of the cake. Not sure if it was the icing or the way it felt on her hands, but she really didn't get all smashy-messy with the cake, as I secretly hoped she would! Imogene had the best time playing with a balloon this morning. Especially cute was when she used it as a pillow while she watched TV! She also had a fun time playing with the ribbon and plastic bag from a gift. Lily's best line of the day: When Maggie arrived, (bless that sweet Maggie for coming and letting Lily drag her and Lucy & Will all over the house) polite Lily said to her, "Maggie, we have beer. Would you like a beer?" She sees/hears us offer drinks to people at parties, and must have known it was the nice thing to do. It was classic Lily. Lily was a very gracious and helpful big sister, and did a nice job opening Imogene's gifts for her, but not getting to territorial! I'll include a few pictures here, and then here is a link to an album of more pictures in January.

Birthday Breakfast

The Smash Cake
She really doesn't like this.
Imogene loved the bag that her adorable new cupcake shirt from the Joneses came in.

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  1. i just don't understand how you get imogene to smile at the camera. i can NOT get my kids to look or smile! it really is hard to believe that our little ones are 1 already...