Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Lily stayed up late last night to watch the Hokies in the Chick-Fil-A bowl. We learned several things from this adventure. 1. Brand Recognition starts at a young age. Lily called out the CFA logo on the field right away. 2. Lily loves to watch sports and cheer for any team. She put on the outfit Uncle Ryan gave her and shook her pom-poms for both teams - especially since she knew Aunt Susan was there cheering on the Vols. (Sorry Aunt Susan!) 3. Lily needs 11-12 hours of sleep a night.

She was not all that much fun today because she was "just so tired." It took her about 3 minutes to fall asleep tonight! But it was fun to let her feel special last night, and pretty cute when she finally fell asleep on the floor.

Imogene has started off the new year with a great new skill. She can officially go from laying down to sitting up on her own. The transition is giving her an idea that she can get on her knees and play a little bit, which should help with crawling. She also seems to understand that she can pull up on your legs or small boxes/bins ... she's finally getting to do a little more exploring! If I haven't said it enough, she really is a sweet, happy baby most of the time! She is such a cuddler and loves hugging and kissing - especially Lily!

And now, some funny "Lilyisms" ...
We received a Garmin navigation tool from Aunt Susan for Christmas (Love it!) If you tell it where you are going, it will call out the directions to you. The 'lady' is Lily's new favorite toy. Once the navigation tells you to go left, Lily tells you to go left too. Sometimes I think she really believes she is the only one that can hear her! Navigation lady, "turn left, then left." Lily, "turn left then left Mom." Navigation lady "go 400 yards." Lily "go to 400 yards Mom." Never fails, every time. It's cute, but it's going to get a little annoying soon!

Watching the "outside hockey game" today. (NHL Game at Fenway. Awesome!) Lily didn't like it when they slammed up against the boards. "That is not fair and makes people sad." So when I offered to change the channel when a fight started, "No Mom I LIKE HOCKEY!"

Later, "do girls play hockey? I want to play hockey too."

We were somewhere and all of us talked about how good it smelled. "Isn't it great that we have noses so we can smell?"

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