Friday, January 15, 2010

The Big Day Approaches

It's the Birthday-eve! Mommy is feeling a bunch of emotions this week, which is probably why I haven't updated the blog. I just can't put into any words, even rambling, nonsense words what it means to me that our little Imogene Blanche, our baby, is one. I know everyone says this, but it just doesn't seem possible that a year has passed. So much has happened in that time. At times the greatest measure of the time that has passed is how much Lily changed since her baby sister was born. She really isn't a toddler anymore - just 6 weeks from turning 4!
Imogene was born via c-section at 9:32 am on January 16, 2009. She weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces and was 18 1/2 inches long. The delivery went really well. She did swallow a little fluid on the way into the world, so instead of going straight to the recovery room with us, she went to the nursery, with Bill in tow! About three hours later, Bill returned to the recovery room and I finally got to hold that little peanut. Lily came with Naney and Aunt Susan to the hospital later that afternoon. She was so wide-eyed by the whole hospital scene (especially by the gown and wires all over mommy). In the pictures from that first meeting, Lily is just beside herself with wonder, awe and instant love for her baby sister. She was especially excited that her new sister had brought her a gift! She immediately wanted to hold her and help her with her pacifier. Sweet Imogene has patiently tolerated all that "love" from her sister since those first moments.
We'll celebrate her birthday, and the growth of our family and our hearts tomorrow. Hope to get some pictures posted as soon as I can! (From tomorrow, and from her 'birth-day' too!)
Also have some fun pictures of Imogene 'feeding' Lily food off her high chair tray. So funny!

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