Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to Bill!

We celebrated Bill's birthday yesterday. He took the day off and instead of working in the office, worked really hard around the house, specifically by cleaning out our storage shed and making it 'animal-proof.' Apparently some furry friends had been taking up residence inside. What a great guy to do all that on his birthday. We finished the day off with some yummy dinner and then had the neighbors over for cookie cake! And Imogene gave Daddy a nice present and only woke up at 1 something and 5:30 this morning. She went back to sleep then and might have slept past 7:15, but at that point, her sister had been up for 30 minutes, begging to "go check on Imogene." Oh, Lily. We hope Bill had a great day because we enjoyed getting to celebrate him!

The birthday boy and his girls.
All birthdays must include help from the Jones boys to blow out your candles!
Happy Birthday Daddy! (Can you tell that Lily and Mommy got haircuts yesterday? Lily's looks beautiful here - she had a big girl blow-dry after the cut. Mommy's looks a little rough here! It's a little too short, but hey, it's hair and it will grow!)

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