Friday, November 13, 2009

Again with the reverse order (I need to figure that out, huh?) This is Lily and her friend Jacob getting ready to pass out water at the BA5K, last Saturday. It was freezing, but these two had the best time and were so cute handing the racers water. The race is held by our friends Lindsay and Stephen Moss, which raises money for Johns Hopkins, and their center which works to help children with a rare liver disorder, one of which is their adorable daughter Sydney, who is almost two, and was born with BA. Check out their website for more information!

A fun playtime in the crib after Imogene's afternoon nap. They are really in love with each other. Every now and then, Lily gets a little snatchy with any toy that Imogene wants to play with,
but she is usually just so sweet. Lately she has been calling Imogene "sweetheart" and is always cheering and calling our attention when she uses her right hand.

Another meal 'al fresco' - this time on Halloween night helping Daddy hand out candy.

Lily and Will trick-or-treating. They held hands almost the whole time.

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