Monday, November 16, 2009

Not an Ear Infection After All

We're sending good thoughts to our Uncle Ryan today. He is laid up with a nasty case of the flu. Get better soon Ryan!
Lily woke up in the night with a cough, so we kept her home from school to be safe. Both girls were seen by wonderful Dr. Baldrate this afternoon. Lily has just that, a cough, and is fine to be around her friends and go to school tomorrow! She was pretty bummed this morning to miss school. Dr. Baldrate said that Imogene does not have an ear infection. So no more amoxicillin, which is great, because it was doing quite a number on her stomach. (Of course it's really mild, so go figure it would mess up Imogene's stomach!) Because she was having such high fever, Dr. Baldrate ran a flu test which was negative, and a CBC blood test which came back fine. So, it's just a virus and should clear up, at least the fever part, by Wednesday or so. If she's fever free on Wednesday she can have her shots as planned Thursday. Oh that poor Imogene. She has been put through the ringer! The office does not have the flu shots for Lily's age yet, so we'll have to wait a little longer for her to get vaccinated. Not sure what to make of the ER pediatrician telling us she had an ear infection. Good thing he told us to follow up with our own doctor.
And today is her 10 month birthday. It was a short photo shoot!

This was the other morning.
Working hard to drink of out a sippy cup.
She usually just spits it all back out.
Happy 10 Month Birthday Imogene!

I'll just take a look over here.


Investigating her find.

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  1. don't you wonder about doctors sometimes? i always feel like unless the doctor is a personal friend or knows you really well i have no confidence. so sad. but that is great that she doesn't have an infection. hope everyone is well there soon!