Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Halloween from the Sigler hive!
Ready to trick-or-treat. She had such a blast and told us about 10 times how much fun it was. She kept asking if we 'had' to go to more houses, which we think meant, can we go to more houses. At one point she told her friend Will, "it's okay Will, there's nothing to be afraid of. "
Such a big girl she is.

These pictures are reverse order. This is from the night before Halloween. Imogene got to eat outside while we all carved pumpkins with our neighbors.

Daddy ended up doing most of the dirty work, but Lily tried to help as best she could.

Her school Halloween party day. She kept talking about how Macy (her classmate) was going to be a princess, and how she had to be a princess, too. What a beauty she was!

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