Monday, November 30, 2009

Dear Santa and Baby Jesus too

Lily's Letter to Santa as dictated to Mommy today. (which we 'mailed' at MACY'S, where each letter dropped off means a dollar to the Make-A-Wish Foundation!).
"Dear Santa,
I want a dolly. I would like new clothes for my dolly. And a special closet for my dolly's clothes that has a pink window. I love you Santa. I think you are the best Santa Claus ever. Please bring me some candy. I like you and I like American flags and I like pink, red, blue and green.

Imogene's Letter to Santa, as dictated to Mommy by Lily.
"Dear Santa,
My sister Imogene would like toys, pink toys, that talk.
Love, Lily
Imogene's Big Sister"
There was an decoration in our house right next to Lily that was red, white and blue, so that's where she came up with the flag thing when I asked her if she had anything she wanted to tell Santa. Don't worry, I made a copy of both letters to show the girls when they get older. It was a fun activity! And yes, Santa is bringing her a closet for the doll clothes, but it doesn't have a pink window! Where did she come up with that????
We started getting some decorations out, and every time I took anything out of a box, no matter how mundane, Lily would say in her best dramatic voice, "Oh Mom, that's the most beautiful flower I've ever seen. I love it. Thank you so much for putting it in our house. (Kisses my leg.) Are those kissing flowers?" A Clara doll (from the Nutcracker), gets "Oh my goodness my doll. I just love her. She's so beautiful. What's her name again?" Clara was invited to sleep in the bed with Lily, which is a sign of cherished status in Lily's hierarchy of animals and dolls.

Lily has two Nativity scenes, one plastic and much bigger than the other which is a carved wooden set. The wooden baby Jesus is 'little baby Jesus" and the plastic one is "bigger baby Jesus." Despite many attempts, she refuses to accept that baby Jesus is not a girl, even though she agrees that Jesus as an adult is a man. While playing with it, baby Jesus and Mary had many conversations, and each time she had Jesus say "Mommy" I would think she was talking to me and I would say "yes, sweetie?" and she'd reply, "Mom, I'm not talking TO you, Jesus is talking to his mommy." This went on a few times and she thought it was so funny. Sadly, I kept forgetting what she was doing, I'm so programmed to respond anytime anyone says "mommy!"
She set the 6 wisemen and the sheep and shepards and animals and two Josephs and a Mary (we're missing one) all mixed up between the two mangers (I think she decided one was a house and one was a barn?), and is all taken with the angel that sits on top of the plastic one, which of course sings a song, and she is just captivated by all of it. She then looks over and asks me in complete amazement at his absence, "Mom, where's God?"
I was just overwhelmed by her awareness and what a profound thing and here was this opportunity to talk about the whole Christmas story, and then about 10 minutes later she's still playing and says, "It's okay Mom, you can just be God for now." Oh goodness.

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