Friday, December 4, 2009

It's beginning to look ...

like a giant mess! We have boxes everywhere in our house right now. Decorating for Christmas used to last over the course of one or two days - plus the time to do the tree. With two children in your house, it takes a week-plus! It doesn't help that every time I take something out of a box Lily takes something else out and hijacks it for her collection of things she's taking care of in the playroom. Each morning she gets an ornament in the Advent calendar. They go on her little table-top tree in the playroom, where they last about 5 minutes. Instantly they turn into a daddy or a mommy or an animal that needs her. Currently all the ornaments are taking a nap on my nice needlepoint Christmas pillow. She has asked me approximately 10 times today when Santa is coming. We are hoping to get our tree this afternoon, and I can't imagine how many times I'll have to ask Lily to put the ornaments back where she found them. I just know she'll have a special family in the playroom for them!
She loves her new stocking (she and Imogene got 'kid' stockings with their names on them) and is very curious about why Bill and I have stockings too. She does not think Santa will bring us toys since we aren't kids, but accepts that we might get things in our stocking.
Lily " Where does Santa get the toys?"
Me "He makes them with his elves in the workshop at the North Pole." (and then I waited for what followed...)
Lily "But does he know how to make the dolly I want?" (Ha! I knew that was coming.)
Me "Sometimes he shops from magazines or catalogues if he has to."
Lily "Oh that's good."

I asked her to focus on something today. She is so easily distracted and so good at procrastinating. She said "I am focusing!" To which I asked her if she knows what it means to focus. She said, "Umm no Mom I don't."

Imogene had a decent therapy session yesterday. She's really close to being able to go from laying down on her tummy/side and get herself back to sitting up. Of course we couldn't get her to show this to Susan at PT. During PT, Lily was playing rough on an exercise ball and fell over and scraped her arm, while I was trying to focus on Imogene. I only saw it because I could see her in the big mirror on the wall in the therapy room. It was a little bit of a mess of a session on that end. Lily just does not handle all that attention focused somewhere other than on her, especially when she knows I need her to play on her own - without getting hurt! So yesterday afternoon I got two calls from Susan - home and cell phone - with a message she wants to talk to me about something. She has not called back. Why do I feel like I've been called into the principal's office??????

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