Friday, May 6, 2011

Still Streaking

Another day down without chocolate. As I just told my friend Tiffany, who is joining me without chocolate - and Alexis who is also joining! - this is NOT easy. I had no idea how much chocolate I ate every day. If there was some way to figure out if I was addicted - you'd probably find that I was in fact addicted.

We've had a pretty uneventful week ... I wish I was on twitter because Lily and Imogene do the funniest things day-to-day. I can just never remember them when I sit down to write on the blog.
Imogene has started wearing the kinesiotape on her arm and shoulder now. She's starting to lose a little bit of her external rotation in her shoulder. We'd really like to see her do more supinating and pronating of her arm.

Lily had "Mother's Day" at school yesterday. It was a lovely tea party, and I got to eat off of a plate that Lily drew for me! (I will get a picture up soon.) Of course I couldn't help but notice that all but three of the kids drew actual pictures of flowers and rainbows and people, and Lily just scribbled. It's fine - she wrote Mommy and Lily really well considering how she was writing in the beginning of the year. It was just the tiniest bit sad for me. I don't plan on her being an artist or anything - and I love her to pieces, but I know that part of why she doesn't do that stuff is because she just can't get the pen to work the right way! And that makes me sad for her. But anyway. It was a sweet morning and Lily was really proud of all of it, which made me so happy and proud for her.


  1. I can't help but miss my mother so much after reading this. What I wouldn't give to ask her if she felt about me how you feel about Lily's writing difficulties. I could not write correctly and no one could read it at all unless they looked at it in a mirror. I must go see my first grade teacher great-aunt (109 years old) who might remember if it bothered my mother. I wish I could talk to my mom.

  2. Also, I see that my last post may not have worked. I am going to do my walking CD at least three times a week. Giving up chocolate might be dangerous at this point in my life! If our sweet Imogene can go up and down those stairs, as hard as it is for her, then I can walk for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week. I love her so! And Lily, too!!!