Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Here are some pictures from Mother's Day. It was a really great day, and in a couple of weeks I probably won't even remember how much I wanted to leave lunch because Lily was being such a complete and total pain! Bill always makes me feel special, but he makes it a big deal to do so on Mother's Day every year. I'm a lucky mom and wife.

It is so hard to take a picture with Imogene because she wants to do exactly what Lily is doing. 

But this one turned out amazing I think! It's one of my favorites ever. 

Lily's new thing is to pose with her head all "posy" on her shoulder.

So of course who runs up next and says "me, me, me" " my tuhn" She's such a mess. 

With Daddy feeding the ducks. Our Mother's Day tradition. 

Very excited about throwing pieces of bread off the edge of the railing. And not nerve-wracking at all for their parents. 

Pretty cool sky. 

We had some time on our hands, so we FINALLY took Lily to get up close with her favorite thing in D.C. The Washington Monument. Of course it was worth of the head-pose.

When she saw this picture she said, "oh that's me saying OH MY GOSH because I can't believe I'm finally getting to see the monument my very own self."

The sky started getting a little ominous. 
We were in the car about 2 minutes before it started pouring down rain. 

Lily is trying to stand as tall as the monument. And Imogene is still holding the bread for the ducks. She would NOT give up that we would feed them again. And we did! This time a new group of ducks - a mom, dad, and six baby ducklings! There is nothing cuter than baby ducks. or Imogene screaming "ucks. Baby ucks. Beahd for baby ucks."

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