Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring Time Fun

Bubbles with lola

She loves walking around this tree on the playground at school. Here she is "singing" ... or loud talking or something ... but who knows what she is saying or who she thinks is listening!

Another favorite hangout on the playground.

She has started making 'friends' lately ... she is obviously in love with the friends that lily has, but she's really started playing with more kids on her own. She has seen Annie (in the middle) a 100 times, but this day she really 'took' to her - and now asks for her all the time! 

Yes, that is a TV in the grocery store cart. No I did not worry one minute about that - it was such an easy trip to the store - except the part where I felt like I was driving a Mini around the grocery store. They were in SHOCK. And VERY well behaved!

Heading to Will's Graduation from Preschool. She looks really grown-up.

One of the activities at the retreat this past weekend was kite flying. Lily absolutely loved running and flying her kite. She did a great job! I have better pictures on my other camera - this was on my phone! 

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