Monday, May 30, 2011

Catching Up More ... Happy Memorial Day 2011!

Here are some more pictures of Lily flying her kite at the family church retreat.
She got the hang of it pretty fast - and she had a great time!

Imogene is sitting around the campfire here singing. And by singing I mean, singing. She was "following along" and swaying and singing. SO serious about it. Of course she just wanted to do what Maggie and Caroline were doing. 

I think this is the part where Lily says "I just remembered I don't like marshmallows." 

And here we are ... the wheel day parade!
Let me back up a little bit. 
Mommy and Daddy had the wonderful pleasure to sneak away for two days 
to celebrate our EIGHTH anniversary this weekend. Thanks so much to  Naney for coming and keeping the girls - who were apparently quite the pair all weekend. Lily was a great big sister, and Imogene only really got upset once - when it was time for her playdate with Lola and their cats to be over! We went up to a really nice Hyatt "resort" on the Chesapeake Bay. Complete with a wonderful pool with lounge chairs under an umbrella (thank goodness since I am NOT ready to get sun yet - or ever. I instantly burn. Instantly. We have many, many stories to prove that.) We had two great dinners, laughed at two really bad lounge singers, enjoyed seeing other peoples' kids playing and having fun, missed our's but not quite enough to give up the time to ourselves. 
ANYWAY, we returned home in time for lunch with the girls and to get ready for the Wheel Day Parade. Imogene and Naney met us there - it was really hot, Imogene needed a nap, and she hasn't been feeling so hot this weekend. In less than 30 minutes, Bill and I came up with "SuperPink" for Lily's entry into the parade. Had we not been late and grouped with the "Fashionably Late" crowd, for which there were no awards (read gold ribbon), I am SURE she would have won something. She looked cute. Which you can see below.

poor kid, we are SO behind in getting her a bike that is actually age-appropriate. She just never shows a ton of interest, she's never really gotten going on her tricycle, and we just don't have a great place to ride around our house. But she really, really needs a bike her size. We will work on that this summer...
especially because it looks like we're going to have a lot of time to kill. 
We had planned to take a trip to the pool today. But the 
Yep, closed. Indefinitely. Apparently there was some sort of electrical fire there last night.
Thank goodness no one was there and no one was hurt. But it took out part of the house that is used for the lifeguards and part of the men's bathroom. And the electricity, plumbing and hot water. 
Apparently it may only take 2-3 weeks to get it open, but I'm not holding my breath. Instead I'll be sweating a lot. It is HOT here ... upper 90's already!!! 
So we went to Home Depot, the grocery store, and the mall for the girls to play at the indoor area (which conveniently also houses Chickfila - mommy's no dummy.) 
It was an all-American Memorial Day alright!

And then we did this!

Lily watches this show (How many times have I started a sentence with that?) where they do a craft ...
she saw this - silly animal headbands - so we had a silly afternoon with doggie ears.
And then they played doggies for a while. Pretty cute. 
And at bedtime Imogene kept doing the little puppy "whine." 
She's a hoot that kid!

Bill wanted her to go upstairs with him today and she wouldn't at first. So he did his best crying act upstairs, and she kept saying "Daddy khy" "Daddy khy" ... "I coming Daddy. I comming. No sad Daddy, I coming. Give Daddy big kug. Big kug Daddy."
All the way up the stairs.

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